Tim Fielding (MDA)

Tim is a Product Development Manager at MDA Space Missions in Brampton, Ontario.  He has over 15 years of experience working on complex, safety critical robotic systems for both the space and terrestrial markets.

Tim’s current work is related to the application of information processing, sensing, and electro-mechanical technologies to the medical field.  He helped develop an image guided robotic system with the Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation to facilitate precision placement of surgical tools based on intraoperative medical imagery.  Prior to this, Tim worked with the University of Calgary on Project neuroArm, an experimental MR compatible robotic system for neurosurgical applications. 

Outside of the medical field, Tim has worked on development projects for Space based robotic systems.  Projects included robotic systems for the International Space Station, satellite servicing missions and an inspection system for the nuclear industry.

Tim is has a Bachelor of Engineering Science from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Applied Science from the University of Toronto.  He is an adjunct Professor at McMaster University and co-teaches a course on Space Systems Design at the University of Toronto.  He is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario.