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Latency: What it is and why it matters to the next generation of technological advancement

February 2019


July 2016

Lipstick, Courage and Inner Cleavage Event

October 2014

Lipstick, Courage and Inner Cleavage 2014

August 2014

Robots from Space

August 2014

Uniting Ideas and Investors

July 2014

Antoine Cantin - Learn from the Puzzle Expert

Juy 2014

Don't Fear the Droid

May 2014

The Surgeon Who Operates from 400KM Away

May 2014

Robotics used in space enable a 'one-stop shop' for breast MRI, biopsy, tissue ablation - MEDCITY News

November 2013

Hamilton's IGAR Breast Robot & Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation is Featured on NASA Website - The Bay Observer

November 2013

The NASA feature picked up by Space Daily

November 2013

The NASA feature picked up by The Parabolic Arc - Space Tourism and More

November 2013

The NASA feature picked up by Medical Design Technology

November 2013

The NASA feature picked up by Product Design & Development

November 2013

The NASA feature picked up by Live Science

November 2013

The NASA feature picked up by Space Coast Daily in Florida

November 2013

IGAR story made front page of the site 

October 2013

Dr. Anvari is featured in one of the new television commercials created by the City of Hamilton Economic Development Department 

October 2013

The Hamilton Spectator - Shooting for the Moon

October 2013

Canadians drive development of surgical robotics

March 2013

Canadian teams are innovators in development of surgical robots

March 2013

National two-day technolgoy conferece heading for Hamilton -

March 2013

Hamilton robot can detect and treat breast cancer

July  2012

Hamilton Spectator Article: " Obesity in Canada: Prevention to Treatment Conference"

June 2012

Space Quarterly Article: "Health in the Arms of a Space Robot"

June 2012

MDA Media Release 2012

Medicine’s future

March 2011

CSii Annual Report 2010-2011

CHCH Coverage of CABPS Conference 2012

Mississauga News - Media Clip 2012

CSii Annual Report 2009-2010

September 2010

Inspired Thinking. Outstanding Research. Innovation brought to Life.

2010 ORION Leadership Award Recipient

April 2010

Dr. Mehran Anvari receives the 2010 ORION Leadership Award

Article: Canadian Healthcare Technology. March 2010

March 2010

Hamilton, Ontario seeks to become centre of excellence for medical robotics

Submit your Proposed Medical Innovations

March 2010

Hamilton seeks to become centre of excellence for medical robotics

March 2010

Rise of the Robots

Spring 2010

Statement From The Chair of The Board

September 2009

The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation is a reality because of the vision and passion of Dr. Mehran Anvari, for advanced surgical tools...

Under the knife while under sea - Telerobotics tested at NASA site

April 2006

Establishment of the World's First Telerobotic Remote Surgical Service

March 2005

Courage Leads to the Stars

World’s First Hospital to Hospital Telerobotics Assisted Surgery Performed in Canada

March 2003

The Cutting Edge

September 2002