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Insight Medbotics Canada Corporation (IMCC)

About Insight Medbotics (IMCC)

Insight Medbotics Canada Corporation (IMCC) was created by CSii in partnership with MDA, builders of the iconic Canadarm, Canadarm2 and Dextre, to commercially launch a new generation of intelligent robotic systems which leverage Canadian expertise in space technology and informantics for use in Image Guided Automated Robotics  (IGAR).  IGAR-Breast, the first such device was designed to detect and treat breast cancer in it’s earliest stages.

The goal of IMCC is to establish its manufacturing base and sales and marketing operations in Southern Ontario.  The venture is expected to create over 100 high tech jobs in the next 5 years and to attract associated industries to Canada.

CSii has worked with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and MDA to develop telerobotic capabilities for IGAR technology, which will provide patients living in remote communities with greater access to healthcare through advanced technology.