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Bariatric Registry

The Bariatric Registry

Obesity rates in Ontario are higher than they have ever been, and in 2009, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) committed to increase the number if bariatric surgeries in Ontario as part of the Ontario Diabetes Strategy. Comprehensive Bariatric Centres of Excellence were created under the stewardship pf the Ontario Bariatric Network.

 In 2010, OBN established a centralized referral process and a province-wide registry to collect all patient related data for 5 years post-therapy. The Project is managed by CSii, supported by the MOHLTC. The Bariatric Referral System was developed by CSii in partnership with the Ontario Bariatric Network (OBN) and Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) to centralize and streamline the bariatric surgical referral process at the request of the MOHLTC. The objective was to ensure that patients gain access to treatment at a centre that is close to their home, without unnecessarily delaying their time to treatment. The centralized process relieves centres of the administration of managing referrals, eliminates duplication, and helps to manage the flow of patients. CSii continues to manage this Referral System across 9 Bariatric Centres across Ontario with discussion and interest to expand to other provinces. Since its launch in 2010, over 39, 700 referrals have been received and processed with this revised system. The referral system is currently a faxed based system, with an online registration. CSii has been collaborating with the OBN and PHRI, to create a new online referral system, which offers immediate processing of referrals (within 24hrs) and physician notification of patient status. The online system will incorporate referrals to all bariatric programs offered (medical, surgical and the metabolic pilot program). CSii is excited to announce the launch of the new online referral system on April 1, 2015 The Bariatric Registry  is an observational, multi-centre, database registry designed to collect standardized information on patients undergoing bariatric treatment at across Ontario. De-identified data is collected by chart review and patient completed questionnaires on patient characteristics, medical status, surgical procedures, non-surgical treatments, outcomes, and economic factors which will ultimately lead to the development of specific Canadian guidelines and recommendations for optimal bariatric clinical care. The database assists in the identification of health service practices that require optimization and improvement to develop strategies to address them. The information will be used to enhance current practices and guidelines to improve bariatric patient care and outcomes in Ontario.