Debra Vivian

Director of Communications, CSii

Debra Vivian is an award winning senior communications and marketing executive experienced in managing high profile marketing and public relations departments and effecting innovative marketing strategies that produce outstanding events.
As Director of Communications for CSii she is responsible for media relations, the CSii innovation conference, sponsorships, annual report, social media, promotional and publicly viewed materials.

In the past, Ms. Vivian has developed creative multi media advertising campaigns, managed public relations and all priority audiences, branding, speech writing, event planning, social responsibility, radio, television and print writing and production, working with boards and all levels of government as well as developing partnerships with corporations and media. 
Debra has a highly collaborative approach that is focused on outcomes, creating an environment to achieve those outcomes and a climate that motivates and inspires teams to achieve.

She has a real ability to tackle difficult situations with a resourceful and confident approach and shows a considerable energy, creativity, inventiveness and ability to see the big picture and envision new solutions through a strong determination to creating branding and positioning strategies that distinguish key attributes of corporations.
Her caring nature has also seen her involvement in many cultural and cause related partnerships that have produced large special events involving intergovernmental planning teams, corporate and talent partners, media, production, advertising and marketing.

Special Skills: Public relations, marketing, advertising, television, radio and print creative/production, media relations, internal relations, event planning, staff training and development, creating strong corporate, government and cause related partnerships.