2017 Innovation Nation Conference - Keynote Speakers

S. Blake Ratcliff, Project Manager, HUNCH, NASA
Title:  TBA

BJ Hardman, CEO, Sanarus Technologies
Title:  "Don't Cut it - Freeze it!
          Cryoablation for Early Stage Breast Cancer"

Rob Mac Issac, President & CEO, Hamilton Health Sciences
Title:  "We Are All Connected"

Pearl Sullivan, Dean of Engineering, University of Waterloo
Title:  "Technical Education & Entrepreneurship"

Ian Heynen, Former Vice President & General Manager, Special Imaging, Hologic
Title:  TBA

Liam Kaufman, CEO, WinterLight Laboratories
Title:  "The Challenges of Starting a Digital Health AI Company"

Melissa Marchese, Singer/Songwriter
Title:  ''Writing & Performing"

Paul Fulford, Product Development Manager for Space Exploration, MDA
Title:  " Canadian Technologies on NASA's Mars Science Laboratory; an Overview of Mars, the Curiosity rover and Canada's Contribution.

Dr. April Khademi, P. Eng., SMIEEE, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Sciene & Tech
Director, Image Analysis in Medicine Lab, IAMLAB
iBEST Insititute for Biomedical Engineering, Ryerson University aand St. Michael's Hospital
Affiliate Scientist, Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science, St. Michael's Hospital
Title: Extracting Insights from Images

Carlos Lange, Founder, CFD-Lab at University of Alberta
Founder, Institute for Space Science, Exploration and Technology (ISSET)
Title:  'Engineering Our Way to Mars"

Mars Settlement Team - Central Peel
Silver Medalist, NASA Ames Space Settlement Competition
Title:  The Challenges of Settling on Mars

Gail Garland, CEO, Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO)
Title:  TBA

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