CSii: Vision, Highlights, Milestones

The Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii) is a non-for profit entity established in 2009, in Hamilton, and is committed to enhancing the quality and access to healthcare for all Canadians through the development and commercialization of innovative medical robotic technologies and novel techniques.

Its vision is to enhance the health and productivity of all Canadians, and augment Canada’s reputation for innovation leadership.

Building on the significant federal investment in the field of space robotics, CSii aims to become an international leader in the development, and commercialization of a novel class of medical robotic platforms and minimally invasive tools. CSii has successfully developed and manufactured its first clinical system designed for early detection and treatment of breast cancer in high-risk women. This system is currently undergoing clinical validation and licensing with plans for commercialization.

CSii has partnered with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA), manufacturers of Canadarm, to manufacture the system, and has created a business plan, for sale and distribution of this platform in North America, Europe and Australasia.

CSii has established a steadily increasing revenue stream through successful commercial launch of its platforms, as well as additional continued income from contract services to the provincial Ministries and innovative new companies. CSii will be completely self sustainable and able to support its operations including the significant annual investment in robotic and technology research and development (R&D) by 2021.

CSii is devoted to collaborating to create new ventures that will stimulate the local and national economy, create new jobs and better healthcare outcomes for Canadians. CSii has already supported creation and retention of over 24 high paying technical jobs, which will increase significantly with the commercial release of its first system.

The Centre has attracted distinguished leadership to the Board of Directors, members from multiple sectors with national and international representation from business, the scientific community, healthcare and academia. CSii has launched business development initiatives and we strive to facilitate commercial success with our partners, creating revenue streams for new investments in academic research and future product development.

High profile Canadian branding is helping attract lucrative partnerships and open markets by creating awareness and recognition of the CSii robotic devices and associated products among highly targeted constituencies in the international medical communities, industry, commerce and healthcare. 

CSii initiated an outreach program, ‘Innovation Nation’, that has captured the imagination of students and teachers who are inspired by the use of Canadian space technology for domestic use in healthcare and other associated industries.  This program includes a conference on robotics as well as a competition for students. Through the public outreach program the centre actively encourages students to use math, science and engineering skills to create new and innovative robotic devices with potential commercial applications.  Encouraging entrepreneurial thought and action will one-day impact the creation of new industries, new technologies, highly skilled jobs, growth and prosperity for all Canadians.

Over the next seven years, CSii plans to widen our presence in Canadian and international media through continued PR activities, media coverage as well as through the publication of the initial results of our clinical trials in appropriately selected journals.


  • CSii has successfully taken its first robotic system from design to clinical trials and manufacture in 4 years which will be released commercially
  • CSii is partnering with MDA to manufacture its system in Canada
  • CSii has other innovative robotic systems in their product pipeline with the second system planned for commercial release in 2020
  • Through the development of a new corporate model, CSii has established a steadily increasing revenue stream and is on track to achieve full sustainability by 2021


Key Milestones:

The centre has reached several key milestones:

  1. Development of a clear business plan to achieve sustainable operations.
  2. Establishment of a strong governance structure with an effective commercialization process.
  3. Creation of key partnerships with companies that have global market share in the field.
  4. Completed the development of IGAR, a propriety robotic platform with image guidance and automation capabilities and software architecture that supports tele-operation
  5. Secured a strong IP portfolio and IP strategy for our product pipeline.
  6. Established alternative revenue streams through contract work with innovative medical technology companies as well as providing services to provincial governments (launching a streamlined portal to accelerate the treatment of obese patients in Ontario).
  7. Created 12 new jobs, funding retention of an additional 12-14 engineers at MDA, 6 graduate students at McMaster, and provided over 30 small companies with component work for our projects.
  8. Established a strong outreach program with extensive media coverage of our work and its benefits to Canada, including promotion of innovation and robotic research among high school and university students through an annual conference and competition – ‘Innovation Nation’.